The Rent-A-Nerd Difference

We do the majority of our work onsite, alongside our clients. Yes, we can and do work remotely – especially in emergencies or to support remote areas – but we prefer to be there, in our client’s office. By being there in person we can build better relationships and learn the precise details of our client’s needs, instead of being a distant voice on the telephone.

Our Values.

We are passionate about our client’s success and we think of ourselves as part of your team. We act and make decisions like we are your employees. We aspire to do what is best for the client, always.

We assign dedicated Nerds to your site.

We’re not a "call and get whomever" call center style IT group.

We’re eager to help wherever you need it.

Whether that's tier 1 basic tech support or policies & budgets at the Board of Directors level.

We act as your agents and bill only for our time.

We don't try to sell you additional products and services – we’ll help you source directly from other vendors, keeping your costs down and eliminating any conflict of interest on our side.

We're friendly people who you’ll like having around.

We’ll work onsite or remotely depending on your needs.