Bennet Chia

  • 10th Sep, 2021

Bennet is a tech-savvy, fierce individual who is passionate about IT. While Bennet is fresh in the IT field, he is pursuing certifications in IT and cybersecurity. His enthusiasm for learning something new every day is fueled by hard work and dedication. Outside of work, Bennet has a passion for cooking and is an all-time foodie. He can be found playing video games, watching Korean drama, or listening to music in his spare time.

Nerd Skills:

  • Google Certified – Advanced Google Analytics
  • Google Certified – Google IT Support
  • Google Certified – IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts
  • Google Certified – Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  • Google Certified – Systems Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  • Google Certified – Technical Support Fundamentals
  • Google Certified – The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  • Confined Space Awareness, Working Alone Safely

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