MSP Secrets: Why don’t more companies provide onsite IT service?

On-site IT service allows IT workers to better understand the organization they’re working for. This allows them to be more proactive and to make suggestions on how to better use technology for your organization. On-site service also allows your employees to interact with IT personnel directly to get what they need done, often faster and more efficiently then talking to a random stranger on the telephone.

But many Managed Service Providers (MSP) don’t want to perform on-site service. Why? Because it requires higher-skilled IT staff with great people skills and only allows MSPs to bill only one customer at a time versus several at once. It’s simply not as profitable for MSPs.

On-site is better – almost all of the time. Occasionally emergency or unscheduled work performed remotely may be faster. Or, for example, if your company has highly distributed, remote work forces managed IT services Vancouver may be optimal. When else? Never, really.

On-site companies offer better people, dedicated focus, and you get what you pay for. If you want a true asset to your business, ask for on-site service.

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